Web Merge

Web Merge is an important Webmastering tool, used widely for generating numerous static HTML pages. Web Merge is that tool with the help of which, it is possible to export your database to HTML and generate thousands of web pages from the database content.

Web Merge is one tool that works well with any database or spreadsheet, in merge or tabular format. These may include, Microsoft Access, FileMaker pro, etc. Utilizing the data in each record of the exported file, Web Merge makes a new HTML page. Not only this, it is also possible to create index pages having links to detail pages, using this particular tool. The best part about utilizing this tool is that, there is no need for any specialized database hosting solution, as the generated web pages can be hosted on any web server. Interestingly enough, these pages can be generated instantly using either built-in or the customized templates. It is also possible to build multi-tier affiliate websites with the help of Web Merge tool.

Some of the other interesting features of Web Merge include:

a) Support for multi-column index page layouts.

b) Tag for inserting a text or HTML file.

c) It does not require CGI’s, extentions, DLL’s, etc.

d) An easy-to-install application for generating pages.

e) Provides options for automation.

f) It has its applications in a wide range of areas like, businesses, organization, universities, etc.

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