Niche Marketing Tips & Strategies

The success mantra for most online businesses today is not just the quality of their products but their potential of effective niche marketing. With the ever increasing competition in the affiliate world, niche marketing is considered to be the ultimate key to the development of a profitable business.

A niche market can be explained as a segment of the overall market for a specific product or service, which if targeted strategically can produce higher yields. There is no point is having a quality product which no one knows about. Here is where niche marketing comes into effect. Niche marketing provides you a scope to market your quality product in a specific niche & generate some targeted traffic & market demand for it. Once you gain control over this market segment, you can successfully target for the bigger markets.

Finding a profitable niche market is not as difficult as it may seem. All you need to know is the search ratio for a particular keyword & a rough idea of the number of sites competing for that keyword. A high search count & a very little competition is just what you need as your niche market. There are thousands of profitable niche markets that most often go unnoticed. The skill is in exploring these markets & siphoning money out of them.

There are numerous tools readily available online that one may use for uncovering such niche markets. These include tools like, keyword search tools, Google search trends & others. Looking for a niche keyword that has high demand but very less supply gives your page a greater scope of being exposed to your niche market.

Merely identifying your niche market is not enough to ensure your success. It is also important to establish a control over this niche market. This can be done using following optimization tips:

Optimize your page titles in a way that the title for each page contains the main keyword phrase(s). Make sure that your titles are not more than 70 characters long.
Make use of heading tags (


..) containing the main keyword phrase(s) for every page.
Use unique meta descriptions for every page or do not use them at all.
Provide descriptive alt tags containing your keywords for all your images
Every page should have a unique content of about 200 words containing the main keyword phrase(s) taking care that these are not overused.
Build backlinks containing keywords for your site taking care that these look natural. Instead of having links pointing only to your home page, make them point to different pages of your site to ensure optimization of the complete site.

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