Keyword Discovery

In spite of the wide availability of numerous keyword research tools, Keyword Discovery is by far one of the best tools for keyword analysis. With the ever increasing competition among numerous online businesses, keyword analysis has become an indispensable tool for most businesses and each of them wishes to rank among the top search results. This is exactly where the Keyword Discovery tool comes into use.

Keyword Discovery is one of the best tools for identifying and refining your keywords. This tool not only has its importance in keyword research, but is also helpful for SEO and PPC campaigns, writing product descriptions as well as link building.

The reason for keyword discovery being such an important tool, is the numerous features that it offers including: Adult Filter: For filtering the search results off adult based keywords.

Keyword Density Tool Upgrade: Featuring a complete range of sorting, filtering and view options.

Domain Score: An important feature for domainers, interested in knowing the search counts.

Remove Spaces: Enables one to search the search term, both with as well as without spaces.

Export/Import Function Upgrade: Allows to select database for search counts at export prompt and to import directly to a project.

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