Affiliate Marketing Scams & Frauds

There has been a major boom in the affiliate marketing world in the recent past with hundreds of people making their way into the affiliate world each day. This has also seen a progressive increase in the number of affiliate marketing scams & frauds. As a result, an urgent need has been generated for people to identify & avoid themselves from falling for such scams.

While dealing with an affiliate program, it is extremely important to remember that a single loophole in your marketing program can give the scammers a chance to steal you off your hard earned money.

Common Identifiers of an Affiliate Scam

Free Sites: One of the most common identifiers of an affiliate scam is a free site. In this case the merchant provides you with a free webpage containing the products or services hosted on their own site & server. You are required to bring in customers to this free page by any means like write articles, do link sharing or send emails, etc. However, once the page picks up, you suddenly move out of the scene & the merchant gets all the customers & also the profits. You have no way to track this as there are no stats for number of visitors & the commissions.

Floater Boxes: The floater boxes are nothing but those annoying pop-up boxes that come up every time you use your link to send a customer to the target page of merchant. These floater boxes usually instigate a customer to fill in their details in the box right away & you are robbed off your commissions as the customer never enters his details on the actual page you sent him to. You are scammed!

It is not as difficult at it seems to keep yourself from being duped by such scammers. All you need to do is to be on the lookout for red flags while entering any affiliate program & avoid them right at the initial stage.

Tips to Avoid Affiliate Scams

Avoid programs asking for paid sign-ups
Ask for written terms & conditions; do not believe on oral & vague dealings.
If planning to get affiliated to a not-so popular affiliate program, check its credibility before you do so.
Keep away from sites hosting flashy & bright banners meant to hook the attention of innocent users.

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