Know About Affiliate Marketing Basics

Affiliate Marketing can be broadly defined as one of the best internet-based marketing practice in which, the advertisers pay publishers for generating sales, bringing customers, leads or clicks to the merchant’s site. A merchant is someone who uses the website to advertise and sell his products and services while the publishers provide the medium for promoting the services and products of the advertisers.

Today, affiliate marketing has paved its way into each and every section of the industry from business to electronics to home and so on. Affiliate marketing has essentially provided several online companies like, Amazon and eBay, an opportunity to have an edge over other companies. In fact, almost every e-commerce site today is trying to get into affiliate marketing since it does not involve much efforts on part of the merchant. He just needs to place an ad on the affiliates website and sit back and see huge profits rolling in.

The usual practice for affiliate marketing is through a focused channel like a niche website, where you can target a particular section of prospective customers. This part may represent anything from health to e-commerce or medicine. The aim is just to get the maximum customer diverts to the merchants site so that you can ensure maximum conversions.

There are several ways in which the affiliate marketing program works. The two basic ways include:

Pay-Per-Click (PPC): As the name suggests, this kind of affiliate marketing depends on the number of clicks the visitor makes on the affiliates site. This is typically useful for affiliates having small websites.

Pay-Per-Performance (PPP): This is a performance-based affiliate marketing program in which, the affiliate receives a commission only when the user performs some action like, buying a product or registering with the merchant.

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