Accurate Monitor For Search Engines

If we come to talk of useful tools for the search engines, then the Accurate Monitor For Search Engines is possibly one of the most comprehensive search engine optimization tools. This is an extremely beneficial tool not only for the professionals but also for the semi-professionals.

The Accurate Monitor for Search Engines is precisely an e-commerce software, that helps you to monitor the position of your website in the search engines. This is a powerful web promotion software, since it provides you with an insight into where exactly your site ranks for the specified keywords. The best part about using this software is that, it provides you with both free as well as paid results along with not just the URL but also the title and description. It is also possible for you to keep a track of your statistics since, the results can not only be copied to the clipboard but also exported to CSV format. Not only this, you can also receive a printed report of your ranking history. These statistics can help you track your own progress graph.

This Accurate Monitor software supports all major domestic as well as international search engines and also numerous directories. Besides, the web ranking is checked automatically as per the schedule. Some of the other features this search engine software supports include:

(a) Imports a list of keywords from a text file.

(b) Suggests keyword combinations of all possible types.

(c) Can work through multiple proxy.

(d) Provides precise results.

(e) Checks ranking for search engines including, Google, MSN and Yahoo.

(f) Supports over 250 major search engines in nearly 50 countries.

(g) Supports multilingual interface.

(h) Supports Unicode.

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